IP Budgeting | IP Forecaster

Modelling IP costs is a very complex, time-consuming process. IP Forecaster was designed by patent attorneys who got tired of waiting.

IP Forecaster is an online tool that predicts patent costs and timings instantly and accurately with simple data entry and advanced modelling.

Live updates
It uses the most accurate information possible: live data, updated in real time, from your systems and from a network of international patent attorneys and offices worldwide, including the USPTO and EPO.

Advanced modelling
Patent complexity has a huge affect on timings and most software doesn’t take this into account. IP Forecaster lets you assign each patent or patent family a complexity rating based on the predicted number of iterations at prosecution, territories of protection, and several other variables.

With these algorithms and using real-time data IP Forecaster can provide more accurate patent cost and timing predictions than any software of its kind.

Visualise your data
Create tailored reports in just a few clicks, displayed on timelines for a visual representation of future costs. It’s easy to see how much you’ll pay, and when.

Highlight costs — all automatically customised to your local rates — by type (attorney charges, official fees, prosecution costs, local currency translations) to know exactly how much will be spent, and on what.

IP Forecaster comes in two versions, depending on the size of your patent portfolio and whether you’d like integration with your existing management system.

IP Forecaster Basic lets you produce patent reports, budget by case or portfolio, manage documents, set up email and diary reminders, and provide clients with quick and accurate estimates in just a few clicks.

IP Forecaster Integrated adds case management or docketing system integration with automated data entry.

You won’t believe how powerful this simple-to-use system is. Find out more or try it free for ten days.